How to get medicinal marijuana if you live in Massachusetts

1. In order to qualify to be recommended medicinal cannabis you must suffer from a malady. Yankee Care Givers has kept careful records of the maladies doctors in Massachusetts are recommending cannabis for. If you suffer from one or more of the listed maladies, chances are good you will qualify for medicinal cannabis. Check that list by clicking HERE.

2. Your long term doctor is not likely to give you a recommendation for medicinal cannabis. Very, very few of them do. Mostly because they know nothing about it, which is professionally irresponsible, but also because of politics. There are enlightened doctors who care enough to know about the safest therapeutic substance known and, if you have a malady or maladies on the list mentioned above, they may well offer you a recommendation. Most charge for an office visit and the cost , as of last report, was $150 or $200 for a visit. You will need to make an appointment by contacting one of the doctors on the list you can see by clicking HERE.

3. Once you have your recommendation you will need to assign Yankee Care Givers as your Care Giver. Care Givers can be changed whenever you like. To assign Yankee as your Care Giver, you will need to print, fill-in, sign and return a document and be sure to include a copy of the recommendation from your doctor. To return these documents to us you have three options: scan the signed, filled-in document and your recommendation from your doctor and email them to, or you can fax them back to us at (781) 512-0720 or you can mail them to Care Givers Connection DBA Yankee Care Givers, PO Box 71, Allston, MA 02134-0001 (be sure to include your phone number and email address on a cover page). We will contact you as soon as we receive your paperwork. Print-out, fill-in, sign and return with your recommendation the forms HERE.

4. Order your cannabis and its delivery by calling (617) 208-8616 or emailing Blog posts are not orders. To order medicinal cannabis products on this site, visit the PRODUCTS page. Delivery is FREE and included in the costs of the products already, however, in order to make this viable there are minimum order quantities that increase with deliveries of greater distance. To see your minimum order quantity, please visit either:

MIDDLESEX, ESSEX AND SUFFOLK COUNTIES – Boston, Cambridge, North Metro/Shore and Cape Ann or


Cape Cod or

Worcester County or

Pioneer Valley or

Berkshire County


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