CANNAGOODFORU TREATS – 35mg CBD from PlusCBD Gold Oil in each, No Gluten, Mostly Organic, Low Salt, No Added Salt, No Dyes, Gums, Thickeners or Preservatives. Refrigerate up to30 days, Freeze up to 60 days

Old Fashioned Toffee – Ingredients: Organic Nuts (almonds, cashews , macadamia , pistachios walnuts), Organic Seeds (chia seeds, hemp seeds), Organic Sugars (white, brown), Organic Butter, Sugar-Free Chocolate (sweetened with stevia), Plus CBD Gold Oil.

Truffles – Ingredients: Sugar-Free Chocolate (sweetened with stevia), Organic Heavy Cream, Organic Alcohol-Free Vanilla, Organic Coconut, Organic Seeds (hemp seeds, chia seeds), Plus CBD Gold Oil.

Raw PB&J Balls – Ingredients: Organic Peanut Butter, Sugar Free Jelly, Organic almonds, Organic Seeds (chia and hemp), Sugar-Free Chocolate (sweetened with stevia), Organic Seeds (hemp , coconut), Plus CBD Gold Oil.